Dare to Open your Eyes to: Our Objectification in Today’s Media

We live in a world that is saturated in advertisement.

We are exposed to a minimum of 5,000 ads per day. From TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, web pages, billboards, posters, packaging, etc.

Most of the advertisements our minds consume is unconscious.

Our minds our plastic. This means it’s maleable to its environment. You expose it to something constantly for any length of time and it reprograms itself to a different default state. We are not even aware that their messages are slowly being implanted into our brains from a very young age and way into adulthood. It isn’t until we “grow up”, learn our lessons and begin to take action that we start to realize the effects that advertising has had on us.

So why should we care about this? What’s wrong with consumerism, materialism and capitalism?

The questions above can be answered very well by watching this. I’ve watched it three times in the last week. A lot of its messages I already knew but somehow it took working at an all girls school to make me realise how important this issue actually is. Every day I see future women in front of me struggle with their image and what is expected of them. It breaks my heart to watch them attempt to achieve the impossible standards put forward by the corporate industry. It breaks my heart because I know what they are going through. I also know what they will be going through if they don’t manage to shake off the conditioning that they have been put through by the time they have to meet the real world.

Advertising exists to make a profit. To make a profit it seeks to diminish you as a person. To objectify you. To make you feel insecure. To create a need that wasn’t there before. To do this, they start young. If you still don’t understand then this is where I will show you what you or your daughter might be seeing as they grow up…

“Hi! I’m Barbie. Look at me and all my friends. Aren’t we awesome?! Look at our shiny hair. Look at our big doe eyes, our long legs, our tiny waist, our shapely large breasts and bee-stung lips. Check out our fashionable clothes, high heels and make-up that took 2 hours to put on. We are perfect. You want to be like us. You want to look like us. You want to be us.” (2015)

Total Girl Magazine Subscription

Targeted to the “tween” market ( ages 9-14). Content includes: horoscopes, personality quizzes “Which of Selena’s BFFs are you?”, Style Files, Glam Galleries, Beauty Blog, Fashion Blog, Entertainment, Disney, Gossip Blog, Celebrity interviews, profiles, galleries and the “top” article of the month is…..”Marlisa Talks Life After X Factor!”. (Isubscribe.com.au, 2015)

(I.dailymail.co.uk, 2015)

Image result for girls toys

Babies. (Encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com, 2015)

Prince Charming (Img3.wikia.nocookie.net, 2015)

Love (Img3.wikia.nocookie.net, 2015)

Romance (Images2.fanpop.com, 2015)

Image result for tinkerbell

Skimpy outfits (Encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com, 2015)

All this before we even hit 12. Now, I’m not saying that all kids get the same amount of advertisement saturation or message. However, the overwhelming majority of children in countries like Australia and the US are marketed to in a similar fashion. It may be unconscious but the constant messages in the products available to girls all say the same thing….

Like pink!

Have babies! 

Your prince will come and save you some day!

Just make sure you look pretty with….make-up, revealing clothes, shiny hair and unrealistic physical expectations for yourself!

Giggle, be flirty, be pretty and all will be yours!

Sound a bit harsh? Wait until you see what hits them just as they go through puberty….

(Images.boomsbeat.com, 2015)

(Metalsucks.net, 2015)

(Cdn.fansided.com, 2015)

Yes…people watch The Kardashians. And they love it. Do they realise what they are doing to their brains when they watch it continously?

And now, according to the ad above, periods are something to be embarassed about, something we have to hide.

It doesn’t matter what magazine it is…the message is the same. Fashion, Boys, Sex & Beauty

You think it stops as we reach adulthood? Guess again…


and then we have this…

the good thing is at least Sarah Hanson-Young has a sense of humour…

and as Julia showed us…we DON’T have to be quiet. We CAN speak up. We WILL make ourselves heard. We WILL make ourselves be respected.

Studies mentioned in Miss Representation advise that at age 7 boys and girls equally want to become president or prime minister (30%). By the time they reach their teenage years the rate stays the same for boys yet dwindles to almost nothing for girls.

After what you’ve seen above…can you blame them?

Stay Tuned. We CAN change this.

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